Model BS2005
Patent Pending

Revolutionary!!! The Bowsaddle is designed to allow you to carry securely a compound bow with arrows behind the front seat of any vehicle with a head rest and space for the bow. You never have to travel with a hard case in your vehicle again. Now your rear seat can be used to carry your gear. No more hassle with the hard case every time you want to access your bow! When you return to your vehicle after the hunt, your bow can be secured in the Bowsaddle in seconds. Saddle Up!!

Suggested Retail: $39.99


For further information contact Bruce Cart: 337-988-4595 or email.

  • Slip the hood over the head rest and secure with the draw string.
  • Secure the bottom of the Bowsaddle around the base of the front seat with the long strap.
  • Place your bow in the bottom pocket then secure it with the top strap.
  • Extra arrows (without broad heads) can be secured in the small strap and rear pocket on the right side of the Bowsaddle.
  • The middle rear pocket is designed for a small plastic box for your bow accessories, i.e. allen wrench, string wax, extra broad heads, practice tips, etc.
  • The left rear pocket is large enough to hold your flashlight.

No international orders please.

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