• The Gunsaddle® increases the safety of carrying your gun in the front seat of your vehicle.
  • The Gunsaddle® keeps your gun in an upright ready position.
  • The Gunsaddle® secures the gun from accidental damage to your scope.
  • The Gunsaddle® protects the finish on your gun.
  • The Gunsaddle® keeps the barrel of your gun off of the floorboard of your vehicle.
  • The Gunsaddle® needs no tools to install in your vehicle. The Gunsaddle® installs in less than ten seconds.
  • The Gunsaddle® does not block access to your console or the dash board in your vehicle.
  • For less than $40.00 you can now protect your investment and still maintain control over your gun while driving those back country roads.
  • You can put two Gunsaddle® in your vehicle and carry a rifle with scope for the big game and a shotgun for the small game.
  • When seconds count, your gun will be there for the shot you waited for all season.
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